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KOVEA Obsever KL-103 (SMALL)

KOVEA Obsever KL-103 (SMALL)
KOVEA Obsever KL-103 (SMALL) KOVEA Obsever KL-103 (SMALL)
Brand: Kovea (1)
Product SKU: P17-0369
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Price: RM210.00

KOVEA Obsever KL-103 (SMALL)


Kove brand is renowned around the world with a very good quality goods. This lantern is one of the best products. You definitely will not be disappointed when using the product. Light up your night with cheerfulness


KL-103 Gas Lantern

  • Name: Observer Lantern
  • Dimension: 60X60X110mm (Packed)
  • Weight: 168gr
  • Ignition: One Touch Piezo Type
  • Fuel: Iso-Butane (Screw Type 230gr
  • Consumption: 37.5gr/ h
  • Output: 449kcal/0.52kW/1.784BTU
  • Illumination: 35Lux


note: can used butane gas (long barrel gas) if using adapter 


(Free delivery-Peninsular Malaysia)

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